Saturday, March 24, 2018
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Sunshine at Snetterton – Can’t be!

Yep blazing sunshine after the mist had cleared on all three days, unheard of in August normally let alone March, for those that don’t know the track, it has it’s own micro climate which normally means if it’s sunny in Norwich it’ll be rain, hail and pestilence at Snett!
But that is part of the charm of the place, and to be honest we probably wouldn’t have it any other way!

So how did Wave Racing get on? Rather well actually:

TZR250 – Doug Edmondson

OK, this was testing, remember? But we did hint that Doug had other ideas, even though the TZR is underpowered against the EDIAsia 400’s.

We did the afternoon test session on the Friday, just to make sure all was working as it should, apart from a couple of minor adjustments the bike remained untouched, Doug stayed on and the bike passed scruitineering.
Tester Kev scrubbed a rear tyre in for us, even though he complained loudly about the bright orange wheel, finished the final running in of ‘507’, which we whipped out at lunchtime and replaced with his own new Farnham motor. We tried a couple of gearing options, but ended up back where we started, guess that means that management experience counts for something. The Jollymoto cans have decided to loose all their packing and the bike is starting to sound more like a TZ.

On to Saturday:

Qualifying: 13th 2:18.529 - just behind Richard ‘Dick the Barber’ Sawyer who is YPM rookie this year, keep an eye on him, he’s quick and demon on the brakes!

Race 1: 12th 2:15.437 overall,  4th place Sub 64 Class – He came round Murrays onto the Senna straight in 8th, but being a good 15hp down on the other Sub 64 runners and at least 20 something on the fast boys paid its toll on the straights.

Race 2: 10th 2:15.438 overall, 3rd place Sub 64 Class – On the podium! The bike is screaming it’s head off down the straight and Doug looks like he’s really enjoying himself, his lap times are very consistent, he’s making up ground on the diesels under braking and generally riding round the outside of anything that got in the way.

Saturday night amidst general banter, particularly from Mr Barnes (more of him in a minute), BBQ and beer, we swopped the Bob Farnham motor out for 507. We need to know if it’s going to be OK under race conditions.

Sunday warm up: Only a few 400’s ventured out, Doug managed 3rd fastest with a 2:21.542 but most of the fast boys were still in bed to be honest. The bike sounded louder that usual and on investigation in the garage the airbox had decided to fall off! We were lucky to get away without a seizure. The bike isn’t ticking over particularly well, and Doug has reservations about the clutch’s chances of lasting the day as it seems to need constant adjustment. He was also commenting that the bike was hunting under mid throttle and seemed to be running out of revs at the end of the straights. We played around with a few settings and sent him out to battle the diesels

Race 3: 10th 2:13.667, overall, 3rd place Sub 64 Class – Another pot! Doug didn’t feel that the 507 motor had the same punch as the Bob Farnham engine, yet he set his fastest time of the weekend on it, proves that sometimes fast doesn’t always feel so.

Race 4: 10th 2:18:932 Overall, 4th place Sub 64 Class - Doug’s premonitions about the clutch proved correct, as he struggled to adjust it on the move, basically it ran out of adjustment and insisted on slipping under power, the bike seems better engine wise, but the powervalve cover seems insistent on making a break for freedom at any opportunity!

So first 250 home in all races, a couple of pots, three top tens and we had a hell of a laugh doing it, can’t be bad!

SV650 – Ross Barnes

Ross is back out on his Chasbikes sponsored SV this season, this wasn’t testing for him, it was the real thing!

Qualifying: 19th place 2:13.733. Bit of a mixed bag for Ross, he didn’t look to be going too badly, but the class is so competitive it’s difficult to make progress sometimes. Ross tends to race better than he qualifies so we were fairly confident he’d move up over the weekend.

Race 1: 13th place 2:10.891 That’s a bit more like it, a good battle with Matt ‘Foo” Hinnells and Alister Black after a decent start, Ross came in looking a lot happier. The bike is going like a train and doesn’t look like it’s giving away a few horsepower

Race 2: 10th place 2:10.892. Wow top ten, actually to be fair there was a bit of a debacle in the minitwin camp with bikes failing dyno readings and post race technical inspections, Ross’s bike was in there for hours, he always seems to get pulled for some reason, but as it’s only got a race exhaust, there isn’t anything wrong. It’s probably the one of the most legal bikes out there to be honest as it’s basically stock with decent suspension. So anyway after it all got sorted out, Ross ended up in tenth.

Race 3: 15th place 2:11.065. Another good ride after an appalling start, finally breaking away from Oliver Robarts but unable to reel in Rob Norman and Foo Hinnells

Race 4: 16th place 2:10.510 On the grass in the infield section after outbraking himself, Ross then staged an epic charge through to get it back to 16th, the results don’t show it but this was his best ride of the day, really on it and gaining ground hand over foot.

All in all a good weekend for Ross, he’s improving his lap times and places in a very hard class, he’s certainly hit the ground running and the bike didn’t miss a beat all weekend.

Many thanks to all that came and supported us, see ya at Brands!

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