Saturday, March 24, 2018
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On the Podium In Wales!

Driving into the Pembrey track is a little like going back forty years, the ex RAF base provides some fairly basic facilities by modern standards, but the track more than makes up for that with a range of testing corners and flat out straights. It's a gem to be honest and the vibe is more laid back than at some of the busier circuits

Doug Edmondson:

Qualifying 4th place just in front of YPM returnee Andy 'Bush' Davies with 1.08.713 but a little off the pace of the front three, Higlet, Herron and Jones.

Race 1: On the podium! Doug was holding a strong 4th place, under severe pressure from Bike magazine's Tony Hoare, unfortunately for Pat Herron the series leader he asked a little too much of the Bridgestone front, so the battle for 4th between Doug, Tony and Bush became a podium fight after Pat's spill. Doug got it by 200th of a second from Tony, just pipping him on the line. Overall 3rd and 1st clubman

Race 2: 5th place and 2nd clubman win of the day. Doug led the race for 3 laps until the better pace of the charging Pat Herron caught him, Doug wasn't able to quite match the speed of the front three and after having a race long tussle with 'Bush' Davies, the Worcester man found space between Doug and the pit wall to squeeze Doug back to 5th by 100th of a second. Close stuff!

Race 3: Another podium! 3rd place overall and 1st clubman. Doug's lap times are very consistent and he posts his best for the weekend with a 1:07.156. This time it's the unlucky Higlett who takes a spill and the improving Andy Bown who runs Doug to the line.

Race 4: A disappointing and quiet race by Doug's standards, 6th place and 2nd Clubman behind Andy Bown. Looks like the front tyre has gone, Doug is complaining of the front washing out and the bike being unsettled. Perhaps the road tyre doesn't like being cooked in the warmer all day.

All in all a very pleasant weekend in Sunny Wales for the Wave TZR

So is there anything to do before the trip to Oulton? Not really, the clutch refused to work on the dyno so that's going to need a look at, and we need to look at how we heat the tyres and for how long. At the pace of the front runners the front Bridgestone takes a hell of a hammering and two meetings may be asking just a little too much of it. Some time spent on Mr Farnham's dyno is in order to see if we can optimise the settings for the engine, but it's on the money looking at the pace Doug was running. The rest has to come from him really, but he's making massive steps towards achieving his goal of winning a race overall.