Saturday, March 24, 2018
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Jubilee Bank holidays at Oulton Park

It’s a long trek to Oulton Park from Sunny Kent, the undulating challenging track set in beautiful Cheshire countryside more than makes up for the four hour journey though, and the time spent is defiantly worth it. The meeting set-up is a bit different due to local regulations which dictate a practice day followed by a race day.
Doug Edmondson: Doug has never been to Oulton before; it’s a difficult place to learn to go quick at so the decision was made to run in the Ediasia 400’s as well as the YPM’s. Unfortunately the practice places were full up on the Monday so the extra track time never materialised. Paul ‘Yats’ Norris is Doug’s pit crew this weekend as Steve has his hands full with the YPVS350

YPM Qualifying: 4th place with a 2:00.154, two seconds behind pole setter, YPM returnee Mark Parbury. It obviously didn’t take Doug long to learn his way around!
F400 Qualifying: 10th place 1:58.920, not bad for a 50hp TZR up against full on Zxr400’s and the like. The bike is singing and Doug is looking settled and fast.
Race 1: 9th place. Doug was hounded by fellow YPMer Steve King on his TZR for most of the race, but the Rammit Racing rider could not make the pass on Doug, 100th of a second separated them on the line for 2nd and 3rd in the sub 64hp class. Another pot then!, and some awesome racing from the two of them.
Race 2: 14th place, 3rd sub 64, Doug went out to scrub a new front tyre in and he isn’t getting the starts he was since we changed the clutch, the bite point feels different and he’s not quite got to grips with it yet. Still a very solid performance and the surrounding riders are finding their way around and getting quicker, which is making things harder as Doug is pretty much flat out everywhere. Steve King gave this one a miss, so Doug only has the four strokes to play with.

Race 1: 6th place and top Clubman, Doug is running consistently under the 2 minute mark but just can’t quite get the speed of the qualifying to work the same in the races, something we need to work on in the future.
Race 2: Well he was going to fall off at some point wasn’t he? Having had a Pep talk from Mrs Norris and determined to ride out of his comfort zone, Doug binned it going into the second chicane in an attempt to pass Pat Herron and Steve King in the same move. Sometimes you have to push further than you have before and Doug is now at that point in his racing. It doesn’t always work out unfortunately. Minimal damage to the bike as he had to take to the grass to avoid ramming the back of Steve, and he scuffed is new RST leathers which hurt more!
Considering he hadn’t seen the place before, Doug’s ability to learn a track and go fast on it is astonishing, the bike didn’t miss a beat but does sound a little flat now, we’ll strip the carbs, TZR’s suffer from blocked pilots regularly, and poke a torch up the ports to make sure all is well. He managed to kill a set of brake pads in one meeting as well so that needs careful monitoring in the future. Oh and I’m going to have to re-pack the exhaust cans yet again!

Steve Higerty
Yea I know, I’m retired! But I love Oulton and going all that way it would be criminal not to ride around. The most sensible option would have been to take the Loctite LC, but although the bike is pretty much ready to go, I haven’t really got to the crux of the overheating issues and anyway she’s retired too!
About a year back I bought a YPVS350 off ex YPMer Russ Manville to use as a test bed for some stuff we hope to produce later this year. I’d managed to fit the alloy rad, with some excellent last minute TIG welding from Mungo and I was keen to see how the emulator forks reacted to Oultons bumps.
I roped in Spencer Reeves as pit crew to help out, he knows his way around a 350 pretty well and as the bike had spent the last year under a cover in the garden I was expecting a few issues.
Monday Testing: The rotor fell off twice, the carbs flooded (mostly all the time) and I qualified in 18th. Been a long while since I’ve been that far back down the grid, but the bike wouldn’t rev past 5000 for most of the session so I guess it wasn’t too bad really. I’m going too slow to check the suspension but at least the rad is keeping the bike cool. Monday afternoon the long suffering Spencer stripped the carbs again, eventually gave up and blagged a set off Ady Grove which were known to work. The set up on these meant the top of the airbox went in the bin and the filter got held in by lockwire! One of the spare TZR stators was pressed into action with a bit of pickup filing (I’d cleverly managed to leave all the YPVS ones behind), and at last we had a working motorcycle!
Race 1: 19th. Quite depressing really, I spent most of the race learning what I should have been learning on the Monday, but at least the bike is working ok and I’m starting to get to grips with it. The suspension seems pretty good, no pattering but I think it’s a bit on the hard side. The brakes are either full on or off!
Race 2: Binned it!!!!  I got an appalling start and tried to make up for it by riding round people, ended up on the rumble strip/grass, then got held up by one of the guest TZ’s for a lap, by which time I was way behind! Managed to get up to Paul Whitby and Mungo. Then it started to rain. I made a conscious decision to not back off, after all it wasn’t raining that hard and the Avons are good in the wet, lost it going into the chicane when I flicked the bike over, tried to shove it back up on my knee but the big old Valve wasn’t having any of it! I found the whole thing quite amusing really. Still I had a nice chat with Doug while we watched the remaining sodden two strokes limp round.
Actually the powervalve is pretty good, the carb’s need swopping for the Kehin PWK’s sitting on Julies bedroom dresser, the heavy battery needs to go and I’ve got a set of Martin Johnsonn’s excellent pipes to try.
Should turn out rather good, but the petrol tank doesn’t hold as much fuel as it did!
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